Outlet advertising with the Paperight poster

Paperight best-value books, poster 0112Our outlets need a simple way to tell their customers that they can print Paperight books, and what books are available. So we’ve made a poster for the shop window. (Click the thumbnail to enlarge, or download the 1.2MB PDF)

Right now, we have about a thousand books on the site. So we chose about 50 that we think show off some of our best stuff so far. We’ve included a lot of high-school and undergrad setworks, some classic self-help, and the thing that gets us most of our Internet traffic: past papers for South Africa’s grade 12 exams. There’s also sheet music, resources for teachers and nurses, classic children’s books, sci-fi and fantasy novels, and seminal philosophy and psychology.

Any outlet that registers or asks for one will get a copy of the poster. It’s A2, and printed on lovely thick recycled paper.

On the back is a big, catchy cover and headline. Put it in a shop window and the catchy side attracts customers while the inside shows our fav-fifty books. Each featured book has a 3-digit shortcode for finding it quickly on paperight.com – just enter the shortcode in the search bar.

Also, any outlet that registers in Feb (and most of March we reckon, while budget lasts) will get $50 credited to their account, which will cover the rights fees for about 30 books. Just register and choose ‘Account’ as your payment method when ordering.

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