We need an office manager–bookkeeper

Update, 5 August 2012: This position has now been filled. Dezre Little starts at Paperight on 6 August. Welcome, Dezre!

Paperight is changing the way people get books, so that we can put every book within walking distance of every home, anywhere. We need a smart, dedicated, energetic, meticulous, super-friendly person to join us by managing our office and keeping our books.

If this is you, you’re likely to have at least a year or two’s experience in a similar role. (For the bookkeeping, a working knowledge of accounting practices will do, if you’re great in other areas, and you’re always learning new stuff.) You’re so inherently organised, meticulous and efficient that you don’t know how to be anything else. And you tend to solve problems before anyone knows they’re there.

You’re also lovely with people, so you’ll be great at fielding emails and calls. Some of these will be customer-support calls for paperight.com, so you’ll be a clear communicator, and super confident with websites and web-based applications already. Everything admin-related could fall to you: from travel arrangements to setting up events to liaising with suppliers and more. If anything will help us move faster, it’s up to you to know it first and make it happen. And when our teams need help with getting important stuff done, you’ll always pitch in.

If you’re this person, we are really looking forward to hearing from you.

Apply by emailing team at paperight dot com. Your email cover letter is much, much more important than your CV. So make it count. Be honest and friendly. Help us know why you are the team member we should have hired already. (We’ll be more impressed by a thorough LinkedIn profile than a regular CV, by the way.) If you have a blog or Twitter account, let us know – an outward-looking life, online or otherwise, scores extra points. We’ll then have a phone conversation or IM chat with people we think may be a good fit.

We’re based in Claremont, Cape Town. This will be a contract position for a few months (same as everyone else on the team). We haven’t decided how much we’ll pay you, because this will depend on your experience, and what energy and expertise you can bring to the team.

When the position is filled, we’ll say so here on this post. Till then, it’s open.