Paperight outlet poster: Awesome African fiction!

Outlet poster: African fiction

Well, hello there! Here’s a new poster to stick up in your Paperight outlet! (Click here for access to a PDF that you can print out.)

Although in past weeks we’ve been focusing on mostly education resources in our little newsletters, we should emphasise how much Paperight has to offer recreational readers, too! Apart from our awesome and ever-growing library of classics, we’ve recently listed a whole bunch of new vibrant African fiction on offer on Paperight. Leading the charge is acclaimed South African author Arja Salafranca’s brilliant collection of short stories, The Thin Line, which has recently been longlisted for this year’s prestigeous Wole Soyinka Award. We also have amazing books from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, North Africa and everywhere in between.

In other cool news, our new-style featured content poster now allows you to scribble in the prices your outlet will charge for the printing of certain books. Want to make some books more appealing than others? Simply write in a flat cost for the printing of a book that will cover both the licence fee and your service charges, to help your customers know how much a certain book will cost up-front. Simple!

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