Need matric exam papers?

Get matric past papers from any Paperight outlet!

Do you need to prepare for your matric exams but can’t find past papers to help you study? You can now print out and buy matric exam packs from your nearest copy shop.

We have over 200 locations throughout South Africa, and you can find your nearest outlet by clicking here and using our interactive outlet map.

If you don’t have a Paperight outlet near you, you can ask your nearest copy shop to sign up, or ask your school to do it for you. In fact, any organisation can use Paperight to print out books, exam packs and other documents from our online library – all they need is a printer and an internet connection.

The only thing you have to pay for matric exam packs at your local copy shop is printing costs. Plus, you don’t even have to print out everything – just print out what you need!

If you’d like to find a list of all the exam packs that you can print out at Paperight outlets, you can find one for language subjects here, and one for non-language subjects here. (We have them all!)

If you need any help or advice about how to get hold of our matric exam packs, you’re welcome to email us on

Good luck, and happy studying!

Silulo Schools Workshop

Last week, Paperight’s Outlet Relations team held a workshop for high school principals from the Khayelitsha area at the Silulo Academy at Khaya Bazaar, Khayelitsha. The aim of the workshop was to introduce principals to both Paperight and Silulo, one of Cape Town’s biggest copyshop and training academy chains, and the opportunities they present to students by helping them acquire education materials, like matric exam packs and textbooks from Paperight, that can be bought and printed at any one of Silulo’s dozen internet cafes  in the Western Cape.

Our partnership with Silulo represents our ongoing commitment to bringing access to books and learning materials to areas traditionally neglected by commercial booksellers and book distribution models.