Featured on Paperight: two-dozen gorgeous tomes from Modjaji Books (and an Ingrid Jonker Prize-winner)

What’s up? Here’s a new poster to stick up in your Paperight outlet. (Click here for access to a PDF that you can print out.)

As part of the deal we made with the fantastic African Books Collective earlier this year, we have secured a specially-curated handful of novels, short stories and collections of poetry from esteemed independent South African publisher Modjaji Books.

Modjaji’s books are ones that will, at varying times: make you chuckle under your breath; make you sob under your quilt at night; keep your page-turning index finger very well exercised; make you think, “Hm, that’s very interesting, indeed. I never thought of it like that before.” They are books searingly South African in genesis that also cover themes and emotions universal in spirit. Emotionally in-tune and beautifully wrought.

To sweeten the deal, we’re also featuring a trio of Modjaji’s famed collections of local poetry, one of which was awarded this year’s Ingrid Jonker Prize for English Poetry last week: missing, Bev Rycroft’s deft and confident journey through the trials of illness, is a debut collection to be savoured.

For a full list of Modjaji’s gorgeous books on Paperight, simply click here.