Paperight makes the perfect partner for teachers

Being a teacher is hard work. Teaching is incredibly rewarding, but with the long hours, the piles of marking and the shared stress of exams, teachers can do with a little extra help. Luckily, we have loads of great guides and teachers resources on Paperight to complement our host of amazing titles for high school and varsity students. guides from SAIDE

The South African Institute for Distance Education have been making brilliant teachers’ manuals for decades. Books like Creating a Caring School and Using Media show what it takes to be a great primary and high school teacher, as well as being helpful teaching aids. Help teachers make the best of the time with their students – click here to see the complete list of books from SAIDE on Paperight.

The 53 Ways Series

The 53 Ways series by the Professional and Higher Learning Partnership is for all teachers: primary school teachers, high school teachers and even university lecturers! 53 Ways to Deal with Large Classes offers practical solutions to combat unruliness and confusion in big classes. 53 Interesting Ways of Helping your Students to Study has something to help any teacher give their student the push they need to make the grade. Check out all of PHLP’s great books, including the also-excellent Teaching Creative Writing, here.

Cambridge University Press Mathematics Dictionaries
Mathematics can be a complicated enough subject to grasp without the difficulty of crossing language barriers. With Cambridge University Press’ mathematics dictionaries, in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa, teachers in these languages have a valuable tool at their disposal to explain tricky theories to their senior primary and high school students in an easy and enjoyable way.
Big Bug Books
The first few years of a child’s life are their most important, and laying the foundation for an life of education is one of the biggest jobs a teacher can face. Big Bug Books are fantastic tools for early learning. This series offers entertaining stories for young readers, as well as teaching guides that offer tips on how to get the most learning out of each story from your children.
Many schools around South Africa are suffering from a lack of good learning and teaching guides. Want to help us identify a school that could benefit from a donation of books? Would you like to sponsor one? Let us know.