And our August sales winner is…

Hennie van der Merwe from Minuteman Press Vanderbijlpark!

Congratulations to Hennie for being the most successful Paperight bookseller for the month of August! A fairly new addition to the Paperight family, Hennie’s win proves just how easy it is to be part of the list of champions and win a R1000 cash prize!

Want to win R1000 too? Good news: we still have 4 months of cash prizes to give out to the best-performing Paperight salespeople. To qualify for this competition, you need to make sure all of your staff are signed up as individual Paperight users on your outlet account (details here). You also need to remember a few really simple criteria:

  • Free documents don’t count towards your sales (e.g. Quirk Emarketing and College Campus guides).
  • You must include your customer’s first and last names on every purchase you make.
  • The competition is only for South African shops.

Here are all the competition details in full. The race for September’s winner is already on!

Cambridge University Press books now available at Paperight outlets!


Big news: new study guides and African literature from Cambridge University Press are now available at any Paperight outlet.

Look out for the amazing Study & Master study guides, as well as their Afrikaans equivalents Ken & Verstaan, for Grades 8, 9, and 12. Also great are are CUP’s PASS and SLAAG study guides for matrics. Perfect for our outlets to market for matric exam season – and now more accessible to South African learners than ever before.

We also have new Cambridge Eleven African Language fiction titles, meaning that all of South Africa’s official languages are represented in our ever-growing catalogue of local fiction! No matter which language you speak, you can find something great to read at your local Paperight outlet.

To check out all of CUP’s 51 awesome books on Paperight, click here.

We love Top Copy

Top Copy's Paperight window dresssingWe love Top Copy‘s amazing window-dressing here, advertising Paperight books and exam packs for matric students. There are several schools in the area, and this window, facing a busy corner, is sure to attract attention and drive business. It’s eye-catching, very clear about which titles are on offer, and includes prices (very good ones, too).


Introducing the Paperight Tillpoint Checklist!


We’ve tried to make the Paperight website as easy to use as possible for our outlets. But sometimes in the heat of sales, you might forget something important: How do I find a book? How do I calculate costs? How do I customise the book for the customer?

But no fear anymore! We’ve made a handy tillpoint checklist that Paperight outlets can print up and stick at their point-of-sales terminals to help guide you through the sales process. It’s a step-by-step tool to help your staff from first contact with the customer to giving them a brand-new Paperight book, with minimal fuss and confusion. And, if you still hit a snag, there are our contact details right there, so don’t panic.

You can find our awesome tillpoint checklist here.

Film production intern

UPDATE 4 Sept 2013: Wow, that went fast. Excellent applications, and we’re excited to say that Shaun Swingler will be joining us in this role imminently. ALSO: If you’re a young aspiring filmmaker and want to volunteer to make your own videos about the Paperight network, let us know anyway. It won’t be an internship, but we’d love your help to tell great stories about making the world a bookier place.

At Paperight, we’re putting bookstores where they’ve never gone before, turning copy shops into the print-on-demand book shops of the future, from downtown Joburg to the rural Eastern Cape.

It would be awesome if we could show you videos of that, but we don’t have any. So, heck, come help us make some!

We need a brilliant young intern to join our team making videos and taking pictures of everything Paperight: including events (like our upcoming anthology launch), interviews with our copy shops and publishers, meetings, and website screencasts for our help site and blog. We want loads of footage, lots of powerful stills, and a bunch of beautifully edited videos that tell our story, and the stories of our members and beneficiaries.

You don’t have to have a specific qualification, but you’re probably someone who has a camera on your face more often than you don’t.

You’ll need to:

  • show us a range of videos you’ve already made;
  • be friendly, brave and smart, and
  • be able to get around, either by car or as a public-transport guru.

We offer interns a small monthly payment for internships over two to six months (depending on what works for you and us), a wonderful office environment, and the chance to learn a lot about the business of publishing. We promise you’ll finish smarter, stronger, and well-set for a career working on stuff that matters.

The internship will be based at our offices in Claremont, Cape Town.

To apply, send a covering letter to telling us about you and explaining why you want to join us. Attach a CV or include a link to an online resumé (e.g. a full LinkedIn profile), and some video and photography of yours. The cover letter is really important, so make it count. If you have a blog or Twitter account, let us know – an outward-looking life, online or otherwise, scores extra points. We’ll then have a phone conversation with people we think may be a good fit.

There is no closing date. We’ll update this post to say when the position is filled.

Paperight and Riso Africa empower schools to print their own textbooks

Press release: 27 August 2013

Paperight and Riso Africa are making it easy for schools to print their own textbooks.

Despite the efforts of publishers and government, many schools still don’t receive enough textbooks for learners. And many matrics have no easy access to past exam papers and study guides for revision. Speaking to the Mail & Guardian recently, one teacher explained that “In my 12 years of teaching in Senekal, there has not been a year in which learners had all the textbooks they needed. This is why the system continues to produce learners who can’t read and write.”

By empowering schools to print their own textbooks, Paperight enables teachers and parents to take action themselves. Schools with a account can download and print books as needed, for instance when topping up shortfalls in setwork books or providing learners with extra study guides.

Printing learning materials through Paperight is completely legal. “Publishers really want to solve the problem of access to books in South Africa,” explains Arthur Attwell, founder of Paperight. “So they allow our network of schools and copy shops to print out books in return for a small licence fee.”

Working with Riso, that possibility becomes even more attractive. “Riso and Paperight is sparking nothing less than a revolution”, says Sonia Anderson, Marketing & Environmental Manager for Riso Africa. “Our ComColor machines let schools print out textbooks for less than their retail price, bound and in full colour. A 600-page textbook prints and binds in 6 minutes.”

A teacher can use to print books on a Riso printer

“We’re also excited about working with Riso because of their environmental pedigree,” says Attwell. “Riso machines require very little power, making them among the greenest in the world. They’ll even run off a UPS, making them perfect for schools where electricity is unreliable.”

Under the terms of the Paperight deal, Riso will contribute towards the publishers’ licence fees on behalf of schools that use their machines. Schools that enter into a contract with Riso Africa will receive a pre-paid account, which they can use to legally print books, including study guides and past matric exam papers. Paperight already offers over 1700 different books, including titles from Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

In February, Paperight was officially congratulated by Parliament, whose endorsement “acknowledges the importance of making published works easily accessible to millions of people throughout Africa; and … encourages publishers to register with Paperight in making their works accessible to all.”

Contact us to find out more.

Improving our privacy policy

Any time you use a website, it gathers info about you (it’s often also called ‘user data’). Sometimes quite a lot of info. So good web businesses have a public policy explaining what info they gather and how they use it. It’s usually called a privacy policy.

We published our privacy policy a year ago. We were still figuring out how best to do this, and over the last year we’ve talked and received feedback about our first version. We’re now making some changes to improve it, mainly to the parts that apply to publishers.

None of the changes mean that we gather more info or use it in new ways. The changes only clarify what we do in better terms, so that our publishing partners can rest assured that we’re being sensible with their info. Continue reading Improving our privacy policy

Join us at the Open Book Festival!

open-book_logo_20130724The excitement is building in the run up to the Open Book Festival, one of the premiere events on the South African literary calendar! Set in Cape Town, the event brings local and international writers together to talk about things that matter – and we’re going too!

On Saturday the 7th of September 2013, we’re hosting a panel discussion titled “Young Writers, Big Futures” to explore the successes of the Paperight Young Writers’ Anthology 2013 and the challenges of developing writers in South Africa. Hosted by our CEO Arthur Attwell and featuring an appearance from esteemed author (and our foreword contributor) Niq Mhlongo, this is a great opportunity to come together as a big Paperight family and celebrate our mission of bringing every book within walking distance of every home.

So, we’d love you to join us. The event will be held at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town on 7 September and tickets are going for R30 per person. Come around, say hi, meet some of our great young writers, and see for yourselves what we’re up to. For more information about the event and to purchase tickets, click here.

And our July sales winner is…

Unice Davies, from Revprint Claremont in Cape Town!

Congratulations to Unice for winning the Paperight sales prize for being the most successful Paperight bookseller for the month of July! How did Unice do this? It’s very simple. She sold Paperight titles and stuck to the rules of our monthly competition. Enjoy the R1000, Unice!

(It also helps if you have posters and flyers advertising your outlet’s Paperight services in your shop and at places like schools and places of worship in your area. We can make those for you – so get in touch by clicking here!)

Want to win R1000 as well? We’re awarding cash prizes for the best Paperight salespeople for the next three months. For individual staff members to qualify, you need to make sure they are all signed up as individual Paperight users on your outlet account (details here). And, in case you forgot, you also just need to remember a few really simple criteria:

  • Free documents don’t count towards your sales (e.g. Quirk Emarketing and College Campus guides)
  • You must include your customer’s first and last names on every purchase you make
  • The competition is only for South African shops

Here are all the competition details in full. The race for August’s winner has already begun – good luck!

Updates to our publisher agreement

Over the last year, we’ve learned a lot, changed some of the ways we work, and gathered a lot of feedback from publishers about our standard publisher agreement. So it’s time to update the agreement accordingly. From today, the new agreement is live on our site. It’s effective immediately for publishers joining us from today, and takes effect after fourteen days for existing Paperight publishers.

We want to be completely open about our agreement, and give you a chance to go through the changes in detail, should you have the time and patience for that! So here it is, with the changes marked. Wording we’ve removed is struck through, and new wording is in bold. And after each change I’ve included our reasoning for it.

Continue reading Updates to our publisher agreement