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Matrics: get exam practice more cheaply, more easily

If you’re in matric, or have a child in matric, you’re getting nervous about exams. We’d like to help:

1. Zero licence fees on past-exam packs. This means Paperight outlets can now print and sell past exam papers from 2008 to 2012 without paying us a cent. This will mean cheaper exam practice, and no need to buy credits before downloading.

2. Order by email. Find the exam pack you want, pick your nearest and cheapest outlet, and click the ‘Order by email’ button. That will launch an email message in your default email program, prefilled with that product’s details. Just hit send and the outlet will get your request by email.

'Order by email' button screenshot
Click ‘Order by email’ to open a pre-filled email message to the outlet

Good luck to all matrics! If you have any questions, email us or find us on Facebook.

Updates to our publisher agreement

Over the last year, we’ve learned a lot, changed some of the ways we work, and gathered a lot of feedback from publishers about our standard publisher agreement. So it’s time to update the agreement accordingly. From today, the new agreement is live on our site. It’s effective immediately for publishers joining us from today, and takes effect after fourteen days for existing Paperight publishers.

We want to be completely open about our agreement, and give you a chance to go through the changes in detail, should you have the time and patience for that! So here it is, with the changes marked. Wording we’ve removed is struck through, and new wording is in bold. And after each change I’ve included our reasoning for it.

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A tweak to our outlet terms

We like our outlet and publisher terms to be as short and sweet as possible. But sometimes we have to add more text just to be crystal clear about something. So, we’ve added one short paragraph to our outlet terms about how you manage those PDF files you download from

Each licence only allows you to print out a document once, and to sell that print-out to a customer. Once you have printed a document, you must delete all copies of the digital file. You may not give or sell the digital file to anyone.

That’s been added to the section on ‘Licences’. As you can see, it doesn’t change anything about the way we or you work, it just makes things absolutely clear. You can read the whole agreement here.

Our new outlet agreement

When we launched the new in May last year, our terms for outlets were very, very short and sweet. Essentially, they explained briefly how Paperight works, and the two golden rules for outlets:

  • One fee = one print-out  (for each copy of a document that you print out, you pay a separate licence fee)
  • Customer’s full name, every time (provide the customer’s full name each time you buy a licence.)

It worked because it was simple and clear. Since then, over two hundred people have registered as Paperight outlets, and we’ve received loads of feedback and questions about the way we work. And we realised that we needed to be clearer and more thorough in our outlet terms.

So this week we’ve implemented a new outlet agreement that now applies to all outlets. It doesn’t change anything about the way outlets or we work (so don’t worry, no surprises at all), it only explains things more clearly and thoroughly.

Click here to see the latest outlet agreement.

If you work at an outlet, please take a minute to read through it. It’s still quite short as contracts go, and we’ve kept the language as easy to read as possible (we hate difficult legal language). So it won’t take long at all.

And if you’re a publisher or author, you might be interested in reading it, too, so that you know how our network of outlets will be selling your books.

If you want to chat to us about the agreement, we’re always keen to chat and answer questions, just drop us a line.

Our Amazon experiment

The most nerve-wracking part of building something completely different is the experimenting. You never know what will work till you try it. It’s the part that fails as often as it succeeds. It’s also the fun part.

One of our recent experiments is to integrate Amazon search results into the Paperight site. When you search for a book on Paperight, you’ll see books from Amazon listed below the ones from Paperight.

The question is: why the heck would we send people to another retailer? Firstly, just to see what happens. But we have other more considered reasons, too.

Second, while our catalogue is growing, it’s still small compared to the range of books people need and want. If we don’t have the book you’re looking for, maybe we can help you find it somewhere else. It’s like when you go into a shop for something and they don’t have it, but the friendly assistant points out that the shop across the road has what you need. They’ve sent you to their competitor, but you’re grateful for the friendly help, and you’ll come back here again.

Third, we’re curious to know: if you don’t have Internet access or a credit card, would you let your local Paperight outlet buy a book from Amazon on your behalf? In other words, could our outlets be not only print-on-demand stores but also book-buying pick-up points? Maybe we’ll find out.

Fourth, if anyone does buy something from Amazon after clicking through from Paperight, will we earn enough Amazon affiliate vouchers to buy this for the office? We hope so ;)

We’ll let you know how it goes.