Paperight 1.0 goes live!

Paperight are proud to announce the launch of their 1.0 site, which went live at 00h00 on Thursday 10 May.

This marks the end of’s beta stage, and the beginning of advanced and quicker functionality, including new user dashboards for outlets, instant PDF creation, and a streamlined credit top-up system.

Paperight 1.0 was developed by Cape Town-based firm Realmdigital, who have managed to create a stable, yet lightweight framework that can work efficently on low-bandwidth internet connections.

Not that we’re sacrificing aesthetics for functionality: Paperight 1.0 has all the obligatory curves and graphics, in addition to making the potentially tricky job of managing copy-licences and customer payments as simple and intuitive as possible. It’s as pretty as you’d want it; as hard-working as you need it.

This, of course, only really marks the beginning of Paperight’s proper growth, as we’ll be working non-stop to make sure Paperight grows in functionality and richness of content as our customers need it. Over the next few weeks, Paperight will grow with hundreds of documents added every week; from classic literature, to educational resources from FundZa, Siyavula and SAIDE, manuals for nurses, doctors and midwives from EBW Healthcare, and some of Africa’s most celebrated literary and scholarly works from the African Books Collective.

It’s exciting times at Paperight Towers, and we hope you’re also along for the long haul. You can check out Paperight 1.0 here.

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