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  1. CNBL, I’m not sure if you’re a student or you work at a printing business, but I hope this is useful either way: Paperight allows any business with any printer to act as a print-on-demand bookstore. If you want to buy a book print-out from a Paperight outlet, find outlets here: http://help.paperight.com/outlets/

    Here’s how it works:

    * Find a business or organisation with a computer, Internet connection, and a printer (a large laser printer or photocopier-printer is best). It’s good if they also have a way to bind the pages for you, such as a ring-binding machine or binder files. The best businesses for this are usually copy shops, but any business with a good printer can work.

    * The business registers as a Paperight outlet here. It’s free to register, and takes less than a minute.

    * The outlet then finds the book you need on Paperight. For instance, if you’re a nurse, you might want them to find you the Newborn Care book.

    * The outlet enters your name on Paperight (it will appear on your print-out), and clicks a button. They are now legally allowed to print it out for you.

    * The document is then instantly and automatically prepared for printing. The outlet downloads and prints out your book.

    * You pay the outlet their printing costs, plus the publisher’s licence fee (the outlet pays Paperight, and we pay the publisher). This is calculated on the outlet’s screen on Paperight.

    * You have your print-out. Happy reading!

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