More study guides! More success!

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Paperight is super proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Oxford University Press Southern Africa. Starting today as a pilot project, over 30 of OUPSA’s excellent study guides will be available to print at any Paperight outlet.

As one of the country’s most respected educational and scholarly publishers, OUPSA is committed to supplying South African learners and teachers with high-quality, curriculum-compliant support from primary to tertiary level. By becoming the latest publisher to sign up with Paperight’s distributed print-on-demand system, OUPSA ensure that learners throughout South Africa will have improved access to their excellent support – more specifically, their excellent and comprehensive study guides for Grades 10 through to matric.

A total of fifteen subjects are catered for in the Exam Success series, along with specialised guides to the most regularly-prescribed English drama, poetry and short fiction. Exam Success guides also emphasise a holistic approach to studying, offering mock exam questions, practical studying suggestions and timetables to learners, helping them to maximise the amount of knowledge and insight they gain from the time they spend in front of their books.

The agreement also fortifies Paperight’s ever-expanding library of educational and scholarly texts, available through any of the 100-plus outlets that have signed up with Paperight to date, overcoming continuing deficiencies in book distribution in South Africa, and helping children to acquire the support they need to achieve maximum success at school and beyond.

Arthur Attwell, Paperight’s founder and CEO, said: “Having worked for many years in educational publishing, I know that every person in this industry wants to make books easily available to every South African. It’s great to be working with OUPSA to tackle this challenge in new ways. This collaboration is also especially meaningful for me, primarily because I started my own publishing career with OUPSA fourteen years ago.”

Great resources need not be locked up in expensive bookstores in big cities. Now OUPSA Exam Success guides are available anywhere, and you can find a full list of them here.