Paperight outlet poster: Let’s Talk About Varsity!

Let's Talk About Varsity Outlet Poster

Are you a Paperight outlet? If so, then here’s a new poster for you to print and put up in your business to advertise to your customers. Simply click here for a PDF of this poster that can be printed up to A3 size and displayed in your business!

Let’s Talk About Varsity (and its Afrikaans companion Uniwrsityt: Wat Jy Wil Weet) is a life orientation book written by some of South Africa’s very best educators – such as author and University of the Free State VC Jonathan Jansen and famous sports scientist Tim Noakes – that aims to prepare teenagers and young adults for the sometimes-overwhelming task of starting tertiary education, giving information about various institutions, qualifications and  in South Africa. More than just a guide to universities, however, Let’s Talk About Varsity also helps prospective students learn more about the various careers and academic fields they can enter – suited not only to their abilities, but also to their emotions and aspirations – helping them get the best possible information to make the right choice for their future happiness.

It’s also incredibly pretty and well-written – that’s a bonus.

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