Changes to our rightsholder agreement

We have updated our rightsholder agreement to be clearer about some issues that publishers have asked us about.

Firstly, we’ve tweaked the opening line to be clear about what it means to register as a Publisher on Paperight:

By registering as a Publisher with Paperight, you’re accepting the terms of this agreement on behalf of your organisation as provided at registration.

We’ve made it clear that publishers have control over which of their documents are available and where:

The Rightsholder may specify which documents should and should not be made available to outlets at any time, and in which countries.

We’ve added clarity on our revenue split. Till now, revenue splits have been agreed with each publisher individually. From now, this will be consistent for all publishers:

The Rightsholder will determine the rights fee paid by an outlet for each publication in dollars. Paperight will pay to the Rightsholder 80% of these rights fees, as received in its South African accounts.

We’ve added some detail on how we work with outlets:

Paperight will take reasonable measures to monitor usage of its services to spot misuse, such as unlicensed photocopying or redistribution of content. Where evidence of misuse exists, Paperight will take action under the terms of its outlet agreement published on at the time. That action may include suspending the user accounts of offending outlets, and/or providing evidence of copyright infringement to the Rightsholder and relevant authorities.

Paperight’s terms for outlets will include the following requirements:

One fee = one print-out: For each copy of a document that an outlet prints out, it must pay a separate licence fee. (For example, if an outlet pays to make one print-out of The Great Gatsby, it is only allowed to print it out once.) As such, an outlet may only sell this one print-out to one customer.

Customer’s full name, every time: An outlet must provide the customer’s full name (e.g. first and last name) each time it buys a licence. The customer’s name will then appear on each page of their document, along with a unique tracking code. An outlet may not re-print one customer’s document for another customer.

And we’ve included a reference to our privacy policy:

Paperight will gather data about users, including rightsholders and outlets, on its website in the normal course of doing business online. How Paperight uses that data is described separately in the privacy policy published on

According to the terms of the rightsholder agreement, existing registered rightsholders have two weeks to review this before the new terms apply to them, should they have questions or concerns about the changes. For the rest, this revised agreement takes effect now.