Arnie’s Printing gets a new Paperight sign!

Arnie owns a copy shop. A very busy copy shop. It’s called Arnie’s Printing, is in Retreat, Cape Town, and does a lot of good business. He prints a lot of flyers, does a lot of copying, and is excited to use Paperight more in partnership with local schools.

You wouldn’t know it was there, though. Unless you’re eagle-eyed, you might drive right past it. This was the only sign for Arnie’s business: a small advert outside his house-cum-copy-shop. It’s comprehensive, sure, but a copy shop with big plans to serve its community needs something a bit more imposing and a bit more attention-grabbing.

So we made Arnie this, the first ever Paperight-branded copy shop sign. It was put up a couple weeks ago and we went to go see it in the flesh (or, er, metal) today. It looks great, and Arnie says that it’s already bringing his shop more attention.

Outlet Development Manager Yazeed completed the hand-over. We’re thrilled to have this sign up and to use our resources to help out one of our outlets. Who knows – hopefully this can spark a wave of Paperight-branded signs and advertising for fledgling copy shops throughout South Africa!

Thanks for having us, Arnie, and we hope the new sign brings in plenty new business for you.

Want a Paperight-branded sign and advertising for your copy shop? We might be able to make that happen for you! Mail us at, and we can chat.

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