See you, 2012!

It’s been a quick and busy year. Such has been the rush to sign up new outlets and publishers, help matric learners get exam papers and implement new improvements to our website, we barely noticed that the end of the year was almost upon us.

To break ourselves out of our tunnel-vision workaholism, we booked off a clear and sunny (and windy) Cape summer’s day to go to the beach, play sport and eat way too much food. We decided on Oudekraal, an enclosed, boulder-crusted enclave on the Atlantic Seaboard, just a few kilometres from its much more famous cousin, Llandudno. Tarryn brought glittery cupcakes, Yazeed brought his wife, and Arthur brought a ball that bounces on water. (And a baby.)

It was a much-needed escape from the office, and the perfect way to round off the year. That said, we won’t be closing for any great length over the holiday season – we’ll be too busy preparing for another year of success and books. But for everyone taking it easy over the New Year, stay safe and have a wonderful time.

See you in 2013!