Win R1000 selling books in your copy shop

Printing with Paperight at Minuteman PressAround the country, staff at our member copy shops are selling books. Many haven’t sold books before, and they’re already good at it. We want to reward these star print-on-demand booksellers with a prize.

So every month from May till December 2013, we’re going to give R1000 to the user at a Paperight outlet who sells the most books.

How to enter

Now remember: if everyone in your copy shop uses one Paperight login, we don’t know who among you is the best bookseller. So, make sure you register each staff member as a separate user on your outlet’s Paperight account.

To do this, log in and go to ‘Settings’. At the bottom of the page under ‘Company management’, you’ll see your shop and the users you have registered already.

Click ‘Add user’ under your shop’s name.


Each user must have their own email address. And they must click the account-activation link in the email they receive after being added. From then on, they’ll be able to log in with their own details. And we’ll know when they sell a book themselves.


We’ll announce the winner for each month in the first week of the following month, once we’ve checked everyone’s sales.

  • Free documents do not count towards your sales (e.g. Quirk Emarketing and College Campus guides) – that would make it too easy to cheat!
  • You must include your customer’s first and last names on every purchase.
  • The competition is only for South African shops (sorry guys).

The winner will be the user who has downloaded the most books for printing.* If there’s a tie, the winner is the user whose documents cost the most in credits. If that’s tied, the winner is the user who entered the most customer phone numbers.

You must be willing to have your name and photo on our blog if you win. We want to spread the news!


  1. the winner is the user who sells the most copies, not the most different titles. So a user who sells one title 1000 times over will beat a user who sells 50 different titles once each. However, should there be a tie in the number of copies sold, the number of different titles will decide the winner, and only then the user whose documents cost the most in credits.
  2. The winning user must be registered with their real first and last name. E.g. your staff can’t all share a single team email address. We’re looking for the best individual salesperson, and we need the name for that.

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