Brace yourselves: matric exams are coming!

Paperight matric packs: accessible learning at last!

Paperight Matric Exams coverOut of the over-1 700 brilliant books we have on Paperight, the ones that sell the most are our packs of past matric exam papers. We think it’s because they are probably the most easy and accessible way for matric learners to get their hands on these valuable learning resources. (Don’t believe us? Click here to find our how it took us six months to source all the exams ourselves!)

Paperight’s matric packs are cost-effective for both learners and copy shops. All subjects come in multi-year and single-year versions, with each containing all papers, answers and addenda for a subject in a given year or years. They are also relatively high-volume documents, helping outlets’ machines keep printing. Everyone wins.

(They’re also awesome to sponsor and give to needy schools.)

Paperight past matric exam packs are available for all languages and subjects from 2008 to 2012. Click here to see all Paperight multi-year exam packs and here to see all Paperight single-year exam packs.

Oxford University Press and Mindset Learn study guides: taking it to the next level

If matrics need some extra help with their exam preparation, we also have the best study guides around from Oxford University Press and Mindset Learn.

OUP Exam Success coverOUP’s Exam Success series of high school study-guides emphasise a holistic approach to studying, offering mock exam questions, practical studying suggestions and timetables to learners, helping them to maximise the amount of knowledge and insight they gain from the time they spend in front of their books. Exam Success guides are available in 15 subjects in English and Afrikaans, as well as for a selection of languages and English literature set works. Click here to find them.


Mindset Learn’s Revision X-Sheets and Comprehensive Study Notes offer super cost-effective supplementary learning, available in ten subjects in English. Click here to find them.

We’re helping more matrics get prepared for the most important exams of their lives, and outlets can get in on the action. Get in touch with us if you want us to make you designs for flyers and posters to advertise them in and outside your shop!