About Paperight

Paperight turns any organisation with any printer and an Internet connection into a print-on-demand bookstore.

By registering with Paperight, print shops, schools, colleges and more can legally print out books for their customers. All a customer has to do to get a book is to walk into a Paperight outlet and ask for one. No complicated rights agreements; no waiting; no need for credit cards.

The books’ publishers and authors earn licence fees from legal print-outs of their books, cutting out expensive distribution and printing costs, and passing those savings on to customers. The customer pays the outlet for their print-out, and the outlet uses Paperight to pay the publisher.

Paperight makes buying and selling books easier and, overall, more cost-effective for everyone anywhere.

Publishers and printing businesses can join the network here.


Arthur Attwell is Paperight’s founder and CEO. He oversees Paperight’s overall strategy and its implementation from day to day. He’s also our CTO, working closely with the development team at Realm Digital. (Visit his personal blog at arthurattwell.com.)

Tarryn-Anne Anderson is our chief operating officer. She heads up our work with publishers, and manages our content systems.

Dezre Little is our financial manager. She ensures that our team has everything it needs, keeps our business affairs in order, and manages grants and awards.

You can email anyone on our team by using their first name followed by @paperight.com.

Legal and funding

Paperight (Pty) Ltd is a private company registered in Cape Town, South Africa. It is managed by Electric Book Works, and largely funded by investment from the Shuttleworth Foundation.

South African company registration number: 2012/032488/07
South African VAT registration number: 4890262019