Paperight welcomes Open Book Publishers

Peace and Democratic SocietyOpen Book Publishers are reinventing academic publishing, making it fairer, faster and more accessible. Their ideals are our ideals, so we’re thrilled to be working with them.

You can now get their wonderful books from any Paperight outlet, including Peace and Democratic Society, edited by Nobel Prizewinning economist Amartya Sen.

Click here to see the full list.

200 top South African books hit Paperight

The+Shining+GirlsWhen I set out to build Paperight, I imagined having best-selling, new South African fiction and non-fiction in our library, so that South Africans everywhere could get their hands on it.

Even though it took several years to get there, I’m ecstatic that we’ve just released over 200 books from leading publisher Random House Struik, including showstoppers like The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human, and Of Cops and Robbers by Mike Nicol. There’s loads more, have a look here.

As I write this, I’m sitting at the Franschhoek Literary Festival, a highlight of the South African literary year. An underlying – and often openly expressed – anxiety at the festival is our industry’s dependence on perhaps two million wealthy book buyers, who buy their books from glitzy stores in suburban malls. By working with Paperight, the team at Random House Struik have taken an important step towards real change. We sincerely hope others will follow in their footsteps.

Getting to know CAPS

The lowdown on CAPSStarting this year, public schools and some private schools in South Africa have fully switched to the CAPS curriculum, with the first batch of CAPS-educated learners matriculating at the end of the 2014 school year.

With all of the changes to the South African national curriculum in the past decade or so, CAPS might seem like just another confusing acronym for parents and teachers to remember, and another annoying policy shift that requires everyone to buy new textbooks and start over. CAPS really isn’t that complicated, though, but it’s important to understand what it’s all about.

CAPS stands for Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements. Simply, it is a revision of the current National Curriculum Statement (NCS), and introduces more streamlined and comprehensive sets of guidelines and assessment criteria for each subject in each grade. The purpose of this is to make teachers’ jobs easier, giving them clear guidance on what to do. It also makes learners’ lives easier, by establishing clearly what it is they are to learn in fine detail and how their work will be assessed.

Overcomplicated terminology is also out the window, making it so much easier for parents, guardians and learners themselves to understand exactly what they’re doing: for example, the old terms “Learning Outcomes” and “Assessment Standards” are done away with, and have been replaced with “Content” and “Skills”. Even better, primary school learners will no longer study “Literacy” and “Numeracy”; they will now do “Language” and “Mathematics” instead.

The upshot of all this – the new terminology, the week-by-week planning for classrooms to follow – is that everyone needs new textbooks that are completely aligned with the new curriculum. Luckily, Paperight has a great selection of CAPS textbooks available at any of our outlets nationwide.

X-kit Achieve!

The X-Kit Achieve! series from Pearson has been developed based on meticulous research and feedback from learners and teachers. These study guides offer exercises which cover understanding, application and problem-solving skills. They also include concise explanations, plenty of practice and sample test and exam papers with answers. Available for Grade 10 and Grade 11 students.

Study & Master Study Guides

Cambridge University Press’s Study & Master series have been specially developed by experienced author teams to meet all the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). These new and easy-to-use courses not only help learners to master essential content and skills, but also gives them the best possible foundation on which to build their knowledge in each subject. Guides for seven subjects are available through Paperight for Grade 12 students.

Everything Maths

Siyavula’s Everything Maths textbook for Grade 10 students is not just a Mathematics textbook. It has everything you expect from your regular printed school textbook, but also comes with online video lessons and explanations which help bring concepts to life. Summary presentations at the end of every chapter offer an overview of the content covered, with key points highlighted for easy revision. All the exercises inside the book link to a service where you can get more practice, see the full solution or test your skills level on mobile and PC.

New additions to our poster archive!

Our design team has prepared new marketing materials for the coming year.

Five new designs have been added to our poster archive for your convenience. These posters feature healthcare textbooks, children’s books, IT textbooks, teaching guides and the super-popular Manga Shakespeare series. Click here to see them.
Simply print the posters out in any size up to A1, write your own prices into the bubbles provided and display in-store. If you would like your logo to be added to any of our posters, just email us. We’re here to help you make a splash in your neighbourhood.

Designers: enter our cover art competition!

cover-art-competition_uct-poster_20131125At Paperight, we have hundreds of great classic books that we have redesigned ourselves to put in our print-on-demand library. Now we’re offering designers an opportunity to get their artwork featured on our book covers for 33 classic books.

All of the best covers will be accepted for use through Paperight and the designer’s name will be included on the book’s imprint page. The best 3 designers will receive personalised Paperight copies of the books that they designed covers for!

Choose from the following books to design for:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Frankenstein, Great Expectations, Hamlet, Heart of Darkness, Jane Eyre, Macbeth, Mansfield Park, Mhudi (Sol Plaatje), Middlemarch Vol. 1, Middlemarch Vol. 2, Middlemarch Vol. 3, Mrs Dalloway, Othello, Paradise Lost, Pride and Prejudice, Robinson Crusoe, Romeo & Juliet, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Canterbury Tales, The Great Gatsby, The Last of the Mohicans, The Republic, The Scarlet Letter, The Secret Agent, To the Lighthouse, Ulysses, Vanity Fair, Villette, Walden, Wuthering Heights

This competition falls under the awesome spirit of World Design Capital Cape Town 2014, the competition is open to all.

Other terms and conditions:

  1. Entries must be emailed to, as a high res .jpeg or as a PDF.

  2. Cover designs must include the name of the book and the author’s name. The designer’s name must not appear in the design.

  3. Winning designers will be asked to sign a simple, non-exclusive license agreement to use their cover design indefinitely on Paperight books and marketing.

  4. Queries should be sent to, or call 021 671 1278.

  5. Competition closes on the 25th of April 2014.

  6. The winning designers will be contacted by the 9th of May 2014.

Book review: how we’re using GetSmarter to get better at photography!

“As children, people learn incredible things without even realising that they’re learning because, for the most part, that learning is cloaked as play. As they get older, the sand boxes and crayons and multi-coloured clay get packed away and they’re told that, in order to learn, they need to be serious.”

1048544_10152943050545481_1249675551_oA very rare and very welcome tone, being encouraged to play around while gaining valuable tips is what you get when you pick up the GetSmarter Digital Photography course manual. Created as an accompaniment to the GetSmarter Digital Photography course that is run through UCT, this manual, comprising of 10 modules, is incredibly useful to anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about the art of picture taking even if the course is not in their budget.

Take me for example. Over the last few months, I’ve been taking a manual photography course at an art college in Woodstock and I have relished every moment. From producing photograms, and developing film, to working in the dark room with enlargers, developing prints and playing around with blue and copper toners, the entire experience has been really rewarding. There is only one thing the course does not cover in enough depth: how to take a beautiful photograph.

1048869_10152943050715481_1383428797_oRather than fork out for another course, I set off to find this information elsewhere and stumbled upon the GetSmarter guys. Digital photography and manual photography may differ in their technical aspects (cameras used, photo developing techniques, photo sharing methods etc), but the same rules of artistic mastery apply in both mediums when heading out to capture an image. Knowing about the ISO and aperture necessary to capture images in different light conditions makes a phenomenal difference to the final result. Similarly, composition, despite being the least technical aspect of picture taking, is actually the hardest aspect to get right and one of the elements that has to be mastered to get that striking image.

Of the 10 modules on Digital Photography offered by GetSmarter, I found 7, 8 and 9 to be the most useful to what I was looking for. Module 7 covers the art of composition by extolling the virtues of vanishing points, leading the eye, symmetry and ‘less is more’. Module 8 covers the tricky aspects of portraiture, as well as including a great, brief history of the use of portraiture and some great classic examples of what these images look like when done correctly. And finally, module 9 covers landscape photography, which is the subject matter that I find the hardest to capture. How do you deal with peculiar light conditions and how do you capture an enormous, beautiful space without losing all of the natural contrasts and visual depth? It is easier said than done, but I’ve certainly learned a few tricks to keep in mind for future attempts.


In addition to these, the entire manual covers everything from capturing motion in photographs, to lens advice, playing with shutter speed, experimenting with exposure times, making the most of your flash and a brilliant introduction to editing techniques using Photoshop. I learned a lot and most of all, I will continue to play until I manage to capture images the way that I want them to be. The best thing is that I am more than happy to keep trying.

– Marie-Louise, Paperight Marketing Coordinator

Attention! For R90, you can get all 10 modules from Jetline Thibault Square in Cape Town who are a Paperight registered print-on-demand bookstore. You can also get individual modules for about R25 each. Go to or SMS +27 (0)73 724 2501 to find your nearest print-on-demand bookstore!

Paperight makes the perfect partner for teachers

Being a teacher is hard work. Teaching is incredibly rewarding, but with the long hours, the piles of marking and the shared stress of exams, teachers can do with a little extra help. Luckily, we have loads of great guides and teachers resources on Paperight to complement our host of amazing titles for high school and varsity students. guides from SAIDE

The South African Institute for Distance Education have been making brilliant teachers’ manuals for decades. Books like Creating a Caring School and Using Media show what it takes to be a great primary and high school teacher, as well as being helpful teaching aids. Help teachers make the best of the time with their students – click here to see the complete list of books from SAIDE on Paperight.

The 53 Ways Series

The 53 Ways series by the Professional and Higher Learning Partnership is for all teachers: primary school teachers, high school teachers and even university lecturers! 53 Ways to Deal with Large Classes offers practical solutions to combat unruliness and confusion in big classes. 53 Interesting Ways of Helping your Students to Study has something to help any teacher give their student the push they need to make the grade. Check out all of PHLP’s great books, including the also-excellent Teaching Creative Writing, here.

Cambridge University Press Mathematics Dictionaries
Mathematics can be a complicated enough subject to grasp without the difficulty of crossing language barriers. With Cambridge University Press’ mathematics dictionaries, in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa, teachers in these languages have a valuable tool at their disposal to explain tricky theories to their senior primary and high school students in an easy and enjoyable way.
Big Bug Books
The first few years of a child’s life are their most important, and laying the foundation for an life of education is one of the biggest jobs a teacher can face. Big Bug Books are fantastic tools for early learning. This series offers entertaining stories for young readers, as well as teaching guides that offer tips on how to get the most learning out of each story from your children.
Many schools around South Africa are suffering from a lack of good learning and teaching guides. Want to help us identify a school that could benefit from a donation of books? Would you like to sponsor one? Let us know.


Varsity matters!

What’s available on Paperight for university and varsity students? Well, quite a lot in fact! Although we may be focusing on matric students in the run-up to their exams, our online library also contains dozens of useful titles for varsity and self-studying students alike. Here’s a quick round up of some of the best that Paperight has to offer.

Now What? A Guide to Studying with Unisa

With upwards of 300 000 students, Unisa is the largest university in Africa, and one of the biggest distance-learning institutions in the world. Its resources are great, but distance-learning can still be difficult! So we put together Now What?. Now What? sets out to answer all those niggling questions about how to make the most of a degree through Unisa, including sections on degree planning, time management, joining a study group, keeping motivated, dealing with stress, understanding exam questions, and finding and managing funding.

Textbooks from O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly’s Media’s technology textbooks are world-famous – among the most prescribed textbooks for computer science classes worldwide. O’Reilly has partnered with Paperight to bring better access to technology learning resources throughout South Africa, and you can see the full list of their titles here.


GetSmarter partners up with prestigious universities to offer a variety of great online courses and education solutions. With nearly 130 titles to choose from, students and those interested in self study can study further on a host of different topics through Paperight. Choose from marketing, digital photography, business economics, event management, personal finance and many more! To see the complete list of GetSmarter titles, click here.

(And keep a look out – we’re making our way way through some of these fantastic titles ourselves to review them for your convenience.)

College Campus

Independent South African tertiary institute, College Campus, distributes course material for over 100 courses and modules through Paperight’s print-on-demand network. In addition to their Bachelor’s degrees in IT, Business Administration and Commerce, College Campus offers courses and certificates in sales and marketing, web development, database management, and dozens of other fields. These titles are invaluable to students at College Campus’ two main locations in Gauteng, as well as self-studiers. To see the complete list of College Campus titles, click here.

Let’s Talk Varsity/ Uniwrsityt: Wat jy moet weet

Heading off to varsity can be daunting. Despite the growing number of varsity students every year, there are not many guides to help these school leavers make the big decisions that tertiary education brings. Let’s Talk Varsity offers expert advice on issues ranging from academic choices to dealing with finances and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. With more than half of all university students never completing their degree, this book provides a valuable guide, right through to the graduation ceremony and beyond (and shows students how to have fun along the way). This title also comes in Afrikaans: Uniwrsityt: Wat jy moet weet



Need matric past papers? Paperight is your partner for exam success!


There’s no better way to prepare for matric than practising past papers. 

And – good news – you can now print out and buy matric exam packs from your nearest copy shop through Paperight.

Paperight copy shops can print out past matric exam papers and study guides from South Africa’s biggest and most trusted educational publishers – like Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Mindset Learn – quickly, legally and affordably. Simply walk in and ask!

We have over 200 outlets nationwide. You can find your nearest outlet by clicking here and using our interactive outlet map. Or you can SMS us your location to +27 (0)73 724 2501 and we’ll let you know when your closest Paperight outlet is.

If you don’t have a Paperight outlet near you, you can ask your nearest copy shop to sign up. In fact, any organisation (even a school!) can use Paperight to print out books, exam packs and other documents from our online library – all they need is a printer and an internet connection.

If you’d like to find a list of all the exam packs that you can print out at Paperight outlets, click here. We have every paper, every answer paper and every addendum to every subject and language examined nationally since 2008.

If you need any help or advice about how to get hold of our matric exam packs, you’re welcome to email us on, or call us on 021 671 1278.

Good luck, and happy studying!

Cambridge University Press books now available at Paperight outlets!


Big news: new study guides and African literature from Cambridge University Press are now available at any Paperight outlet.

Look out for the amazing Study & Master study guides, as well as their Afrikaans equivalents Ken & Verstaan, for Grades 8, 9, and 12. Also great are are CUP’s PASS and SLAAG study guides for matrics. Perfect for our outlets to market for matric exam season – and now more accessible to South African learners than ever before.

We also have new Cambridge Eleven African Language fiction titles, meaning that all of South Africa’s official languages are represented in our ever-growing catalogue of local fiction! No matter which language you speak, you can find something great to read at your local Paperight outlet.

To check out all of CUP’s 51 awesome books on Paperight, click here.