Now on Paperight: the Harmony High Series for Teens

Hey you! Here’s a brand spanking new poster to stick up in your Paperight outlet! (Click here for access to a PDF that you can print out.)

Harmony High is a great South African success story. By reflecting the true lives of South African youths (with an extra sprinkle of drama, naturally), Harmony High’s teenage tales of lost love, betrayal, peer pressure and not-so-petty crime are putting to rest the myth that South Africans (and especially South African teens) don’t like to read.

Since its launch one year ago, the Harmony High series has been read by thousands of teenagers and adults in book form and on Mxit.

This week’s poster sees the first two Harmony High books to be put on Paperight: Broken Promises – the tale of a young woman with stars in her eyes held back by the backstabbing men around her (including her mom’s new boyfriend) – and Two-faced Friends, a story about moving to the big city and finding out that the lights and the cool kids aren’t as wonderful as they first seemed.

With great stories at affordable prices, now every teenager can read a story that reflects their life, their problems and, most importantly, their ambitions. With your help, Paperight and Harmony High can #getteensreading!

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