Hey, CNBC! How nice of you to visit!


Yesterday, Thomas Maree and Lungile Tom from CNBC Africa came to our offices to do a short piece on us for their Eye on Western Cape programme, in light of our win at the Tools of Change Startup Showcase. Notwithstanding the fact that CNBC Africa is the go-to channel for businesspeople in Africa, Paperight has only featured on TV once before, so this was tremendously exciting for us.


After a short interview with Arthur, we decided to take Thomas and Lungile along to our 3@1 Cavendish outlet for a practical look at how a Paperight book is printed on demand.


What followed was ten minutes of Lungile pointing the camera at a computer screen, then at a photocopier, then at a binder. Photocopy shops might not be the most glitzy and glamourous thing in the world, but they’re the frontline in our bid to make books more available throughout South Africa and beyond. In the end, this is Paperight’s end product.

Hopefully Thomas and Lungile can parse together a thrilling 5-minute segment on us for their show. Either way, catch Paperight on CNBC’s Eye on Western Cape on Saturday 2 March 2013 at 15h30 and get an insight into how we work, what we work on, and why we’re doing it!

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