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Coat of arms of the Parliament of South AfricaWe’re over the moon and deeply honoured to have been congratulated by the South African National Assembly – Parliament – for our recent win in New York. Even more special than the congratulations was Parliament’s support and encouragement, and their appeal to all publishers to join us to make books more accessible to all.

Here’s what was said and agreed to in the Minutes of the National Assembly on 28 February 2013:

8. The Chief Whip of the Opposition moved without notice: That the House –

(1) notes that Paperight, a Cape Town based print-on-demand company received the O’Reilly Tools of Change Start-Up Showcase’s award for Most Entrepreneurial Publishing Start-Up in New York City on 14 February 2013;

(2) further notes that Paperight, a company funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation, received this award for its ingenious solution to widespread book shortages in the developing world through a service that allows photocopy shops to legally print books, consisting of more than 200 registered independent outlets in South Africa;

(3) recognises that Paperight was one of 10 finalists, the only company nominated outside the United States of America and Europe and the first ever to come from South Africa;

(4) acknowledges the difficulty that millions in South Africa face in accessing published works;

(5) further acknowledges the importance of making published works easily accessible to millions of people throughout Africa; and

(6) congratulates Paperight and encourages publishers to register with Paperight in making their works accessible to all.

Agreed to.

Thank you, South Africa! We’ll be sure to live up to your expectations.

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