Paperight internships

If you’re a high-achieving individual looking for work experience, think about applying to be an intern at Paperight. We have a lot of work to do, a big vision, and we like teaching people useful stuff. Working with interns, we get more done, you learn about publishing, distribution, technology and a little finance, and the world gets a jillion print-on-demand bookstores.

Depending on your interests and skills, you might work with our content team finding and prepping books for distribution, our outlet team working with printing outlets, or our technology team building state-of-the-art web software. We won’t lie: it’s not glamorous work. But the people are fabulous, the coffee is superb, and we pay you a small but respectable fee. Internships are usually at least two months long.

To apply, email team at paperight dot com. Note: Your cover letter is much, much more important than your CV. You don’t even have to send a CV if you can link to a thorough LinkedIn profile (or something similar). If you have a blog or Twitter account, let us know – an outward-looking life, online or otherwise, scores extra points. We’ll then have a phone conversation with people we think may be a good fit.