The Outlet Liaison Super Team

The Paperight team just doubled! Joining us this week are our three energetic (and hilarious) outlet champions. They’ll be seeing to it that Paperight spreads far and wide, while offering excellent customer service to boot! They’ve slotted into our team like old friends, and it honestly feels like they’ve been here all along. As far as introductions go, please welcome:

The Awesome Zimkita

Zimkita’s spark, energy and passion for people make her an invaluable addition to the team. We are really looking forward to learning from her six years experience working with one of South Africa’s top mobile providers.


The Epic Yazeed

Yazeed is a mover and shaker. Having run his family business for years, he knows how important preparation is – and he’s not afraid to bring his A-game.


Zukisani the Great

Zukisani is our education expert. Having spent 5 years selling selling books to schools, he knows the needs of teachers and learners on the ground.

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