Big Bug Books now available on Paperight!

Big Bug Books children’s books are now available on Paperight!

Following the adventures of the little cricket Kriekie and the little pink frog Kierie, the Big Bug Books series is a structured approach to teaching English and Afrikaans literacy and life skills, as well as drama and art, to children from the ages of 4 to 11.

The series, developed by Paula Raubenheimer, an occupational therapist specialising in child development, and educationalist Dr. Hannie Menkveld, is compliant with South Africa’s foundation-stage syllabus.

From the Big Bug Books website:

South African children and children universally will identify with the topics as they concentrate on life skills, perceptual skills and problem-solving skills and promote emotional and spiritual growth. Each book has a moral or ethical concept. This can be discussed with the child by a teacher or parent/caregiver. In addition, both the text and bright illustrations should stimulate the development of the child’s imagination and their acting skills. Since the topics tie up with what children learn in schools, the books will encourage both listening and talking skills, as well as reading and writing skills.

There are 105 BBB documents currently on Paperight, including all English books from Levels 0 to 3 and their accompanying teacher’s guides and worksheets. To find them all, simply click here!

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