Our new outlet agreement

When we launched the new paperight.com in May last year, our terms for outlets were very, very short and sweet. Essentially, they explained briefly how Paperight works, and the two golden rules for outlets:

  • One fee = one print-out  (for each copy of a document that you print out, you pay a separate licence fee)
  • Customer’s full name, every time (provide the customer’s full name each time you buy a licence.)

It worked because it was simple and clear. Since then, over two hundred people have registered as Paperight outlets, and we’ve received loads of feedback and questions about the way we work. And we realised that we needed to be clearer and more thorough in our outlet terms.

So this week we’ve implemented a new outlet agreement that now applies to all outlets. It doesn’t change anything about the way outlets or we work (so don’t worry, no surprises at all), it only explains things more clearly and thoroughly.

Click here to see the latest outlet agreement.

If you work at an outlet, please take a minute to read through it. It’s still quite short as contracts go, and we’ve kept the language as easy to read as possible (we hate difficult legal language). So it won’t take long at all.

And if you’re a publisher or author, you might be interested in reading it, too, so that you know how our network of outlets will be selling your books.

If you want to chat to us about the agreement, we’re always keen to chat and answer questions, just drop us a line.