Marketing internship

At Paperight, we’re passionate about increasing access to books. We want to put every book within walking distance of every home. That’s our big, hairy, audacious goal. To do it, we’re turning regular old copy shops into the book shops of the future. Walk into one, and get your book printed while you wait. Anywhere, from downtown Joburg to rural villages in the Eastern Cape.

So we put a lot into helping copy shops promote their book-selling services. We need your help to do that more and more. We need to be on the phone to outlets every day, finding out how they work and how we can help, getting them posters and flyers, and working with community media to promote them. We need your help drafting press releases that raise their profiles and ours, speaking to journalists, keeping track of what people say about us in the media, and making sure we are a useful part of the conversation.

You don’t have to have a marketing degree. If you’re gregarious, brave, super interested in the psychology of business, and want to help us make the world a much bookier place, you’ll fit right in.

We offer interns a small monthly payment for internships over two to six month periods (depending on what works for everyone), a wonderful office environment, and the chance to learn loads about the business of publishing. We promise you’ll finish smarter, stronger, and well-set for a career working on stuff that matters.

The internship will be at our offices in Claremont, Cape Town.

To apply, send a covering letter to telling us about you and explaining why you want to join us. Attach a CV or include a link to an online resumé (e.g. a full LinkedIn profile). We are much more interested in the cover letter, so make it count. If you have a blog or Twitter account, let us know – an outward-looking life, online or otherwise, scores extra points. We’ll then have a phone conversation with people we think may be a good fit.