Paperight and Together We Pass launch Now What? A guide to studying with Unisa


Paperight and Together We Pass are proud to announce the launch of our new book, Now What? A Guide to studying with Unisa.

With upwards of 300 000 enrolled students – including a full third of South Africa’s tertiary student body – Unisa is the largest university in Africa, and one of the biggest distance-learning institutions in the world. By enabling people of all ages to study a wide range of courses in their own time, Unisa has entrenched itself as a valuable part of many people’s lives.

But as with most things, distance learning has its pitfalls. Without daily contact with peers and professors, distance learning can be difficult to plan, manage and fund – plus, doing all of those assignments and studying for all those exams by yourself can be terribly lonely.

“We’ve spoken to hundreds of Unisa students throughout South Africa about their distance learning problems,” explained Paperight’s Content Manager Tarryn-Anne Anderson, “and it turns out that there are a lot of problems with studying through Unisa, problems that nobody really tells you how to solve. How should I plan my degree? How can I finance it? How do I find other people I can share tips with?”

Now What? is here to answer all those niggling questions. A short, friendly guide to the biggest problems Unisa students say they have, Now What? includes sections on:

  • degree planning
  • time management
  • joining a study group
  • effective and enjoyable studying
  • keeping motivated
  • dealing with stress
  • understanding exam questions
  • finding and managing funding
  • getting in touch with Unisa’s different departments

and more flashpoints of distance-studying angst.

So, if you’re in need of a little help in your time of study-induced frustration, get your copy of Now What? from any Paperight outlet. And join our Facebook group – where you can find study partners and share exam tips – while you’re at it!

Click here for access to an A1 poster advertising Now What? to stick up in your copy shop (600kb PDF)

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