How to best market Paperight in your area

c692aefaf7b185a5db2e7fc5d9d6abf8Getting to grips with marketing Paperight to your customers can seem daunting at first. The first thing, of course, is that most people don’t expect a copy shop to be a bookstore! But why shouldn’t they be?  After all, Paperight outlets offer the quickest and cheapest way to get books to readers – especially important when it comes to educational books.

There is no right or wrong way to spread the word about Paperight at your shop. In fact, there are loads of options out there! We recommend trying as many as possible to see what works best for your area. To get you started, here are a few pointers on what some of our Paperight partners have been up to.

  • An outlet owner in George has worked hard to have his business featured in local community newspapers. His exposure has been a mixture of paid advertising and personal interest stories based on his work with the community. He is now the most successful Paperight partner in the area. Paperight hopes to address important social issues, but the added bonus is that it can be lucrative for outlets too!
  • Two competing Paperight outlets in Cape Town have taken their advertising out of the store and onto the street. One has dedicated an entire shop window to advertising matric study aids on Paperight, such as Oxford University Press study guides and matric exam past papers. The window faces a busy intersection and has already resulted in an increase in walk-in customers asking for Paperight titles. Another store in the area has put out a Paperight-branded sandwich board on the sidewalk to let their customers know that they’re also selling books printed.

Online advertising might not seem too glamourous, but are you aware of just how many free platforms there are to choose from like Gumtree? No longer are online classifieds just for students selling old furniture or finding new accommodation: its audience has grown. There are now tens of thousands of people who are using Gumtree and websites like it to find what they’re looking for. Why not give it a try? Other free platforms include:

As always, we have our poster archive and flyers to help you tell everyone that you’re a Paperight partner. And if you need any materials designed for your business, get in touch with our creative team here.