Paperight loves SHAWCO

Students, lecturers, university administrators, media outlets and publishers are all getting on board with the #textbookrevolution. We’re thrilled to announce that SHAWCO from the University of Cape Town is one of our most recent converts.

SHAWCO is one of the country’s largest student volunteer organisations. They run health and welfare projects across low-income areas in Cape Town – and we’re thrilled to be associated with such a wonderful organisation. SHAWCO have lent their logo to our cause by putting it on the #textbookrevolution website. They’ve also partnered with us to put an impressive splash page on the home page of Vula, UCT’s main student web portal.

We have a growing supporters bar on the #textbookrevolution website and every company, institution or organisation that joins us brings the entire campaign one step closer to making our aim a reality. If you would like to add your logo to the list, click hereYour support can make a huge difference.

Have you signed our online petition yet? If not, do it here. Leave a comment too so that we know what this campaign really means to you.