Need posters for your business? We’ll design them for you!

This week, Paperight hasn’t designed a poster for all of its outlets. “But why?”

Don’t worry, we haven’t abandoned you. We’re taking a break from making Paperight-branded posters to offer you a complimentary service. For the next two weeks (or perhaps even longer – who knows?), we’ll redesign and rebrand our posters to go with your business’ branding: your colours, your logo, your details.

We’ve found that, by working with some of South Africa’s biggest and most innovative copy chains, that your brand is the most important factor in getting customers through your doors and getting them to print more in your shop. We’ve seen rebranded posters and adverts help bring in thousands of rands’ worth of custom to some of our most active copy shops. But many outlets don’t have the in-house advertising and design skills to make this a feasable advertising strategy.

So, how’s about we make a deal you can’t refuse? Our content posters, plus your business’ branding, for free.* It’s the least we could do for you, because, without our outlets, we can’t succeed in our mission of putting every book within walking distance of every home.

If you want a rebranded poster for free, or if you just want more information, simply mail, and we’ll hook you up.

*That is, of course, only if you are a registered Paperight outlet or rightsholder.

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