Paperight is looking for a new content team member

UPDATE 22 Jan 2013: We’ve now filled this position, thanks to all who applied!

Paperight is changing the way publishing works, and we’re looking for a new recruit for our content team.

If you’re the person we’re looking for, your love for graphs, charts and data of all kinds means that you’re at home in Excel and its open source equivalents. You’ve also navigated around and used the backend of a website or blog before, and you understand HTML and CSS basics to the extent that you could edit and tidy up badly structured code.

You’re proficient in at least one Adobe Creative Suite program (preferably InDesign) and you love learning about new, more efficient processes. Your abilities are not limited to what you currently know: you’re the kind of person who will research new areas like typography and typesetting when you realise that they are esential to your job. You pride yourself on your ability to figure stuff out, and can troubleshoot your way out of a corner.

You also have a way with people. You know what makes for great customer service, and are comfortable managing these relationships via telephone, e-mail, or in person.

In short, you’re meticulous. Tiny spelling mistakes bother you – in fact, you’ve probably already spotted the error in this advert.

But, most importantly, you want to use your powers for good. Changing the world has always been on your checklist. You’ve read up on Paperight, and you share our vision: making every book available within walking distance of every home.

Apply by e-mailing team at paperight dot com. Your email cover letter is much, much more important than your CV. So make it count. Be honest and friendly. Help us know why you are the team member we should have hired already. (We’ll be more impressed by a thorough LinkedIn profile than a regular CV, by the way.) If you have a blog or Twitter account, let us know – an outward-looking life, online or otherwise, scores extra points. We’ll then have a phone conversation with people we think may be a good fit.

We’re based in Claremont, Cape Town. This will be a contract position for a few months (same as everyone else on the team) at R10 000.00 per month.

When the position is filled, we’ll say so here on this post. Till then, it’s open.