Varsity matters!

What’s available on Paperight for university and varsity students? Well, quite a lot in fact! Although we may be focusing on matric students in the run-up to their exams, our online library also contains dozens of useful titles for varsity and self-studying students alike. Here’s a quick round up of some of the best that Paperight has to offer.

Now What? A Guide to Studying with Unisa

With upwards of 300 000 students, Unisa is the largest university in Africa, and one of the biggest distance-learning institutions in the world. Its resources are great, but distance-learning can still be difficult! So we put together Now What?. Now What? sets out to answer all those niggling questions about how to make the most of a degree through Unisa, including sections on degree planning, time management, joining a study group, keeping motivated, dealing with stress, understanding exam questions, and finding and managing funding.

Textbooks from O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly’s Media’s technology textbooks are world-famous – among the most prescribed textbooks for computer science classes worldwide. O’Reilly has partnered with Paperight to bring better access to technology learning resources throughout South Africa, and you can see the full list of their titles here.


GetSmarter partners up with prestigious universities to offer a variety of great online courses and education solutions. With nearly 130 titles to choose from, students and those interested in self study can study further on a host of different topics through Paperight. Choose from marketing, digital photography, business economics, event management, personal finance and many more! To see the complete list of GetSmarter titles, click here.

(And keep a look out – we’re making our way way through some of these fantastic titles ourselves to review them for your convenience.)

College Campus

Independent South African tertiary institute, College Campus, distributes course material for over 100 courses and modules through Paperight’s print-on-demand network. In addition to their Bachelor’s degrees in IT, Business Administration and Commerce, College Campus offers courses and certificates in sales and marketing, web development, database management, and dozens of other fields. These titles are invaluable to students at College Campus’ two main locations in Gauteng, as well as self-studiers. To see the complete list of College Campus titles, click here.

Let’s Talk Varsity/ Uniwrsityt: Wat jy moet weet

Heading off to varsity can be daunting. Despite the growing number of varsity students every year, there are not many guides to help these school leavers make the big decisions that tertiary education brings. Let’s Talk Varsity offers expert advice on issues ranging from academic choices to dealing with finances and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. With more than half of all university students never completing their degree, this book provides a valuable guide, right through to the graduation ceremony and beyond (and shows students how to have fun along the way). This title also comes in Afrikaans: Uniwrsityt: Wat jy moet weet